Veterinarian Testimonials

As a member of the Japanese Human and Animal Association (J-HAB), we fully
believe that happiness is meant to be shared with our best animal friends. We are
constantly looking for natural products to comfort our dogs and cats that are
suffering from sickness. At the Daktari Animal Hospital we use
as our top probiotic choice to comfort dogs and cats under drug treatment,
especially those that are suffering side effects from chemotherapy treatment

Get Kato, D.V.M.
President, Japan Human Animal Bond Society
President, Angel Memorial Hiroo Central Hospital
Affiliate Faculty Member, Colorado State University
Founder, Japanese Animal Hospital Association

I have used MitoMax® to treat pets with excess flatulence, constipation, vomiting
and diarrhea. I have also used it as part of my overall nutritional program to
maintain optimal health and to prevent future diseases. MitoMax® not only has
digestive functions that improve stool quality in treated pets, but also increases
pets’ playfulness and energy

Michael Dym, V.M.D.
Classical Veterinary Homeopathy

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which may serve as therapeutic and nutritional components,
to improve and support human and animal health
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