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products for companion animals


MITOMAX® DH  FD  is a Plant-Based
Supplements for Dogs & Cats!


Protect your dog's gut with highly resilient, fast-acting, plant-based probiotics functional freeze dried treats. Our digestion support freeze dried supplement treats feature our patented, plant-based probiotic. Most dog owners report seeing results within 2 weeks and in some cases, as quickly as 2-3 days if given consistently.

  • Support Digestive, Immune and Overall Health

  • With Mito-5051® Technology

  • Freeze-Dried Apple

  • 100% Plant-Based Ingredients

  • 5 Billion Microorganisms per Capsule Guaranteed

Imagilin® Technology Pediococcus acidilactici NRRL B-50517 cultures after exposure to acidic/aerobic conditions


Imagilin Pediococcus Acidilactici NRRL B-50517 Plant-Based Probiotics and Supplements

pH 6.2

pH 2.0

pH 1.5


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