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Health on the Inside Means Health on the Outside

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat”? While what you eat does have major implications for your overall body mass, a lesser-known factor for weight management is the gut microbiota. Gut health can impact the way food is digested, nutrients are absorbed, and macromolecules are metabolized. MitoMax®, a supplement made with the patented plant based probiotic Mito-5051®, is guaranteed to deliver 1 billion live probiotics to your pet with each capsule to help replenish some of the healthy bacteria that aids in digestion. What role does gut microbiota have in moderating weight gain/loss?

Gut Microbiota and Body Mass

It is no secret that healthy digestion is crucial in obtaining all the nutrients needed from food. For example, the bodies of both animals and humans cannot easily process complex carbohydrates or plant polysaccharides, so bacteria in the gut (along with other microbiota) is there to aid in this process. These groups are broken down into fatty acids that the body can use more easily for energy, and it has been noted that gut microbiota can also contribute to the efficiency of extracting calories from food¹. This is important to note since it means that healthy microbiota can have both an effect on energy extraction and the body’s innate ability for energy storage. An imbalance in the gut bacteria that help with these processes can cause weight gain since fat is not being stored properly and calories are not being fully extracted for energy. When the body is unable to maintain healthy bacteria in the digestive tract, probiotics are a common solution.


Probiotics for Pet Weight Management

Since gut health is dependent on having healthy microbiota, it is a common solution is introducing a probiotic supplement into the diet that can help restore helpful bacteria in the gastrointestinal system. With the help of probiotics, the digestive tract is more easily able to extract nutrients from and break down ingested food to keep the body functioning at its highest capacity.


Plant Based Probiotic Mito-5051® for Animal Weight Moderation

While there are many probiotics on the market, none of them can claim to be oxygen resistant, stomach acid resistant, stable at room temperature for up to 2 years, and non-spore forming. These are the characteristics that make Mito-5051® so unique. Mito-5051® is a patented probiotic derived from a strain of Pediococcus acidilactici which is derived from wild grasses. Because this is a plant-based probiotic, it is inherently equipped to survive severe weather changes, acid rain, and oxygen, which makes it the perfect probiotic to assist the animal gastrointestinal system.


MitoMax®: A Plant Based Probiotic Supplement for your Pet

MitoMax®, a supplement made with Mito-5051®, is guaranteed to deliver 1 billion live probiotics with each capsule, and with its resistance to the stomach’s harsh conditions, they can make a home in your pet’s digestive system to give them the support they need. Learn more about Mito-5051® at and MitoMax® for your pet at

(See also other products for pets other than cats and dogs such as MitoHorse®).



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